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This is the first time in weeks that I've had any energy. Today I... studied my Bible, made my bed, cleaned the litter box, filled out part of the study guide for class, and posted lots and lots to the Megadeth boards. I'm also caught up in my email.

Human sexuality class is going well, I just finished the female anatomy chapter, and I never knew that much about vaginas. :) It's good knowledge too, especially the sexual health sections. I followed the breast exam, and I have no lumps. :)

Someone here needs info on eating disorders, and I wanna refer her to It's a good site, and I found a treatment clinic in your area, hon. So check it out. No need to comment, I trust that you'll look it up.

And with that, I shall take my leave for the night.
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Happy Valentines Day everyone! :) Here's a card for you all. Clicky

I've been gone a long time, haven't I? Well, I'm semi ok, just been very very very very very very tired lately. My psychiatrist won't even raise my anti-depressants 'cause my heart rate is all up from the anemia. But I'm alright.

School is good, even though I'm all virginal still, looking through the next book and seeing all those penises and vaginas makes me feel weirddddddd. It's still very interesting. I'm on the chapter of female anatomy and physiology, so I'm lookin' at a lot of pussies. ;)

Church is great, Pastor Juan has been giving great sermons just when I need them, and I'm now a member of the church. All I'm waiting on now is my certificate stating such. And my being baptized may follow.

That's my life basically. My room's a mess, I need to clean it (again) and I'm falling behind in lots of areas. *shrug* I'll just do the best I can to catch up.
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Annaleigh: ahhhhh hhhhh hhhhh, oh I see her face every where I go, on the street, and even at the picture show,
Annaleigh: tell me, have you seen her, tell me have you seen her?
John: ...yeah
John: she's such a slut
John: yeah.....i have.
Annaleigh: *spits up soda* :-)
Annaleigh: you sure know how to take a good oldies tune and destroy it :-D
John: dont i thought?
John: though*
Annaleigh: you sure do :-)
John: but..i wont desecrate classics like ...'..if iiii...could save a botttleeee'
Annaleigh: *vomits*
John: or ..''bye bye..miss american piee...drove my chevy to the levy but the levy was dry....'
Annaleigh: *dry heaves*
Annaleigh: watch just because of you they're gonna play one of those now :-P fucker :-P
John: :D
John: kick ass
Annaleigh: oh, I was wrong, they're playing Neil Diamond instead (*hacks up blood*)
John: hahhaahah
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Taken from Lina (darkestfaerie)

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Rise up!

*loud yawning*

I just woke up in a crappy mood... They say God is the helper of your countanance, so I am listening to some good Christian jazz by John Amato. They actually in church that the way to lift your mood is to sing and praise God with your own mouth, but I'm not home alone, and I don't want the dogs to howl. :D

My situation has gotten less desprate, but it's still bad. A few days ago I talked to Mom, and she agreed to give me 30% of my check like she's supposed to in the first place. 50 dollars for tithing, 50 dollars for my wants, 50 dollars for my surprise wants. Not bad. But at the moment we are so broke that we had only two dollars to our name. I gave one yesterday night at church during the offering, and the other one I used to buy a soda after my doctor's appointment. Thank God Mom and I are getting paid tomorrow.

I went to the doctor's today, and at least this was a good report (because we weren't dealing with the anemia today :P) My cold is gone. That matters some, but not a whole lot cuz I'm still coping with anemia. But at least it's something.

I just got finished with the intersexed/transgendered section of the textbook. Intriguing, but I must confess that seeing the pictures of the genitalia felt very very very weird. But I guess the class is partly to get me over this weird feeling when it comes to sex. I'm too virginal for my own good sometimes.

Anyway, hopefully tonight I will start putting together frottage I already have the account, and if you see it on your friends list, it's me. Goal is to be writing in it by the 1st, or Monday, whichever I'm ready for first.
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My sweet Lord....hallelujah....

So I've been gone a while...

Pretty much I have been really tired. The anemia is back, and I gotta do something about it. The annoying part is the iron pills come in very tough foil, so I'ma have to sit down tomorrow and pop as much as I can out of the foil. It's because of that that I haven't taken a single iron pill yet :\

School is going well, despite the 5:45 AM get up time... The book is interesting, tomorrow in class we will cover transgenderism in our lectures/vids. We take the first exam on the 11th :/ Kinda soon for me, but I can do it. Membership class for church is going real well too, very simple stuff, just listening to the statement of faith. I'll be a member on the 9th :) Just two weeks to go.

I may have to move out of my house because my mom has become money obsessed and is lusting after my check waaaay too much. I'd talk more about it, but right now I'm tired and want to get more done before I got to bed. Definetly will write about it tomorrow though.
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Hi everyone, I'm still alive, just really busy and really tired because I started school this week. I'll be back eventually. Love you all, Annaleigh.
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Wherever I May Roam...

Today I did no roaming :P

I had to get up at 8 am to wake mom up. She made the huge mistake of trying to buy a couple of stoves for the trailer park from a guy who is apparently a con man. Basically, he was paid 200 dollars for two stoves, which took forever for him to deliver. The two stoves were banged up so mom asked if he couldn't give us two different stoves. After calling, and calling, and him making appointments to come that he never kept, he brings two stoves, one of which turns out to be a electric stove, something she specifically requested he not bring. So she has to play phone tag and more unkept appointments to replace the electric stove till mom gets sick of it tells him she wants him to take the electric stove and give us a 100 refund. He fillibusted about that too, not keeping appointments. Mom finally called him to say she was going to the police, and he made an appointment to bring the money at 9 am today (which is why I had to get up), and he didn't show up. Mom called his office and left a message that she'd be around till 1, and then she'd go to the police.

So he brought the money around 10:30, and bitched about how he was busy with customers, and customers always come first. *rolls eyes* He is doing the same shit with a lady in the park, and rumor is that he steals things when he comes into a house to install stuff. A friend of mine who's a policeman, says that this guy is known at the police station. SO, I think Mom should go to the police anyway, but she probably won't.

In other slightly less boring news, I'm changing journals in February. I'm going to get the account as a free account now, probably gonna be frottage, but I won't pay for it, or start writing there till February. So don't worry, no adjustments to make just yet. ;)
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I'm still tired.

Yesterday was of course church, and the first week of membership class for me. There were some things that really jarred me... Like the church's belief that the Bible is inerrant... I believe the Bible is mostly inerrant, but passages like the one in Leviticus to me are suspect because of the changing times. It brings up far more questions than I am ready to hear the answer too.

But to change the subject, I'm being slighty held hostage by a black widow! :\ Yeah, there's one in my room, hiding out under my drawers, and making me scared to sleep in my room, or move anything that's near the drawers. I'm extremely arachnophobic, so killing it is generally out of the question. All I can do is pray the thing don't bite me.

In other news, I've changed my mind about taking algebra this semester. Don't get me wrong, I WILL take it, and I WILL pass, but I'm sick of losing educational opportunities to algebra, so I am going to take Human Sexuality after all. It starts next Tuesday. I can't wait.
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Church camp meeting

Man, I'm almost too maxed out to write this, it's been one of those weeks that feels long but also feels very short. (No, I don't get that either.) Anyway...

Sunday night we had a preacher named Alfredo preach to us. He preached about taking authority, and about asking for abundance from God. There was electricity in the air, and he went around laying hands on the people who the Holy Ghost was telling him needed healing. I wasn't at all expecting it, but he laid hands on meeeee! I know the Holy Ghost told him I'm needing help for my eating disorder, I just know it.
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